Keto Diet Comfort Food – 4th Edition, 2022
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Overview: We’ve all been there. There comes a point when you’re dieting that you start to crave all the delicious food you used to eat – but you can’t have it, and it sucks. The feelings of comfort, contentment and satisfaction we get from hearty and filling dishes are hard to find on restrictive diets. Luckily, if you live the Keto life, you can still enjoy many of your old favourites. All you need to do is modify the recipes a bit, put your apron on, and you’ll soon be savouring a spicy stew or a yummy rice dish. That’s where this fantastic new recipe bookazine comes in. Featuring 49 low-carb, high-fat recipes, you can get cooking some of your favourite foods right now. From sweet and sumptuous cakes to creamy curries, it’s the perfect antidote to those comfort food cravings.

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